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Due to my own physical health problems that have accompanied me since early childhood and extreme sensitivity, over the last few decades I have become an expert in naturopathic treatments, especially for back problems, which I regard as the basis for almost all health conditions.

The PD Method

This is how the PD method came about. This is a combination of holistic osteopathy, impulses, the application of quantum energy, kinesiology, and X-ray vision.
The treatment is carried out according to your body information, in a three-dimensional way and not only unblocks your skeleton, but also opens your bloodstream, the lymph flow, freeing narrowed organs and the nervous system can interact freely again.

Cyber ​​Scan

Unfortunately, I realized that all this is not always an advantage, because now all bacteria, viruses and toxins can spread quickly and freely in the body, which led me to acquire the Cyber ​​Scan's.
This medical device enables an incredibly accurate diagnosis, detects all discomforts and dangers, even those that are yet to come and eliminates them in a targeted and in a relatively short period.
Since the information is only stored on a magnetic card, it is completely natural and often you first notice that it works because the symptoms improve, as if by magic, or even disappear.
But there may also be symptoms and ailments. Contact me if you would also like your own Cyber Scan machine.


Further diagnoses are also made by ayurvedic pulse diagnosis, or simply by my x-ray vision.

My goal is to restore your health and well-being and restore your quality of life.




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