Can you help with my health problems?

Can you use the PD method after an operation, or even with existing screws, or metal plates?

Yes, always, if the surgery is not too fresh, or vertebrae were fixed.

The doctors say that I have to live with my problem, is it even worth a try?

Absolutely: because every back problem, even birth defects, can be corrected.

How long will the treatment improve my problem?

It comes with life warranty unless you crash or suffer another accident.

I am unable to travel

At full reimbursement and if circumstances permit, I will come to you as well.

How will your advice help me?

You will understand the causes and relationships better and eventually also get tips for self-help.

To what extent is a consultation with you different from a visit to the doctor?

I recognize the causes very quickly and will explain them to you in an easy to understand manner.
You will get healthy and natural suggestions for improvement that will help your recovery instead of suppressing your symptoms by medication.

Cancellation policy

In case of appointment changes, or cancellations, please give notice 8 hours in advance.

How can I schedule a consultation?